Civil mediation. Your civil mediatior in Torrevieja

Every now and then unexpected complications arise but now, solving problems between individuals can now be done much easier.
All thanks to the civil mediator. You can make better progress faster and cheaper, because the civil mediation is the
Civil mediation in Torrevieja is a great change because it uses the legal method without the need of a lawyer!

Defectos de construcción en Torrevieja

Civil mediation in Torrevieja: Defects in construction

With the civil mediation you can solve the problems of new construction or reforms, inside your house or your company. Any kind of construction defects: Bad foundations, leaks or leaks, electrical problems, fires, dampness and cracks.

Ultimas voluntades

Civil mediator in Torrevieja: last wills and testaments

You can now solve the problems related with last wills and testaments even faster. The civil mediator will make it easier and cheaper!

Solucionar problemas en la comunidad de vecinos en Torrevieja

Civil mediator in Torrevieja: Inside the community

The civil mediator will handle troubles inside the community. Leaks, fires, electrical problems. Also noises, breach of regulations, access to public areas, parking, facade, renovations, cleaning. Why use a civil lawyer, when you can do it faster with the mediation?

Incumplimiento de contrato en compraventa de casa

Civil mediator: real estate breach of contract

The civil mediator with help you in real estate property sale whenever there is a breach of contract. Why pay a lawyer and wait months when you can solve it in a few weeks?

Ambiente escolar en Torrevieja

Civil mediation in colleges and schools

With civil mediation, linguistic problems, teacher-student conflicts, schedules and permits can be handled much easier. In addition to that we will always be prioritizing what matters the most. The welfare of yours family.

Como salir del listado de morosos con la mediación

Mediador civil: Debtors' list

Thanks to the civil mediator in Torrevieja, getting out of the debtors' list and debt reunification is now much easier.

Conflicto entre particulares en Torrevieja

Civil mediation in Torrevieja: Conflict between two people

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, property destruction and other conflicts. Solve any of them with the civil mediation in Torrevieja

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